What is the environmental impact of your website?

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Why is it important?

Digital technologies are not just “clouds”

Today, the environmental footprint of digital technologies emits more greenhouse gases than civil aviation.

And it’s constantly increasing: more and more people have access to Internet and connected devices are multiplying.

Digital technologies could be considered as a 7th continent, 2 to 3 times the size of France.

Its contribution to humanity’s environmental impact is far from insignificant

4,2 %

primary energy consumption

3,2 %

greenhouse gases emissions

0,2 %

water consumption

5,6 %

electricity consumption

Source: Global digital environmental footprint - greenit.fr

On your scale, digital equals 40 % of your sustainable GHG package (GHG quantity you’re allowed to emit per year to target 1.5°C global warming).

Did you know?

An average web page weight has been multiplied by 155 between 1995 and 2022 and it doesn’t stop increasing!

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