EcoIndex.fr is an online service initially designed by Frédéric Bordage (GreenIT.fr) and produced by Gwenael Chailleu and Thomas Samain (Nxtweb). After the first version, many volunteers contributed to the evolutions and improvements of this tool that became a collective project open to all.

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Project sources and terms of use

You can find the project sources and contribute on our GitHub repositories: EcoIndex website and EcoIndex API. EcoIndex algorithm, service, associated tools and results provided are licensed under a Creative Commons License CC-By-NC-ND. This means everybody can use the algorithm, tools and results, under the following terms: give credit to EcoIndex.fr and provide a link to the service https://ecoindex.fr. You may not use the material for commercial purposes. For more information, see legal notice.

Hosting by Neutral IT

This site is generously hosted by Neutral IT, which stands out on several environmental levels:

  • It has 13 datacenters in France, located in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Lille. Those datacenters reuse 96% of the energy they consume to heat swimming pools and domestic hot water.
  • It uses powerful refurbished second-hand servers previously used by research and IT industries.
  • It was proven, through a Life Cycle Analysis, that the environmental footprint of IT services hosted in their datacenters was drastically optimized: 116% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions compared to non-optimized datacenters!
  • The distributed architecture of its datacenters allows Neutral-IT to host high availability services.
  • The company only uses open source technologies to operate and monitor its servers and services.

Do not hesitate to contact them for your hosting needs.