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EcoIndex is a service offered by and the Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable. We provide tools and thoughts to help individuals, organizations and public authorities to build a sustainable and more enviable digital future for our children.


No personal data is collected from users running tests on This site does not use cookies.

The subscription to the mailing list mentioned on the page “Join us” is volontary. By subscribing, you accept to join the community and the Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable, and to receive the messages exchanged on the Google group messaging tool. The group parameters are available from the tab “About us” and “My membership settings” of the Google group. In particular, your email address is visible to all the members of the group. Frédéric Bordage is the owner of the group. You can set your participation parameters and leave the mailing list any time by sending a request to Google from your online interface. The emails that you have sent will be kept in the archives of the group after your departure, unless you delete them yourself from the online interface before leaving the group.

Use of the data from the filled-in URLs

We collect information about the URL written in our test bar and we store them in our database. The information collected is as follows:

  • URL, weight of the page tested, number of requests of the page tested, number of the DOM elements in the page tested.
  • This information is stored with no time limit in order to enable comparisons over time in case of subsequent request on the same URL, which seems to us to be relevant data for analysis and follow-up.
  • This information is hosted by the service provider described in legal.
  • The information collected are only used to calculate the environmental performance of the page tested and to populate a database on the current state of the URL tested by the users.

Certificates of origin is covered by a guarantee of origin certificate (current hydraulic) issued by

Access to the site and the Ecoindex tool

The Ecoindex tool is a technical tool whose algorithm is openly explained on the site. It aims to give an initial indication of the performance and environmental footprint of a URL, based on the information information present in the code of this URL. By analysing the URLs making up the digital service (website, etc.) can be used to reconstruct the environmental impacts associated with a typical route. The tool and the the results of queries, may not be used for any other purpose, in particular for commercial, advertising or comparative advertising.

Its use is free, but subject to conditions. Please respect them. The Ecoindex tool must not be used in an abusive, illicit or illegitimate manner. In particular, it is forbidden to script, i.e. to automate the sequence of analyses.

Information provided

The information provided on is for information purposes only and is not binding. and the Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the results published on the site. The analysis provided in no way replaces the work of an expert.

We make every effort to provide users with available and verified information and/or tools, but cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or for the unavailability of information and services. Consequently, users acknowledge that they use this information under their sole responsibility.

Use of the badge

The badge can be obtained by any user after testing a URL by obtaining a score equal to A or B. It can be used on a web page to attest to its good environmental performance. and the Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable can in no way be held responsible for the use made of the badge. It is the responsibility of those using the badge on their site to ensure that the page complies with good eco-design and accessibility practices and to carry out regular checks.

Intellectual property

The EcoIndex algorithm, the service and other associated tools are available free of charge, but are subject to intellectual property rights. Their use is governed by a user licence.

The Ecoindex tool made available on the website is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-By-NC-ND licence. This means that anyone can use it, provided that they cite the source of the figures obtained - - and insert a link to the service It may not be used for commercial purposes or modified.

However, you can propose your modifications to GreenIT and the Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable in order to contribute to and enrich the common know-how. You can find the sources and contribute on GitHub

All other intellectual property rights are reserved.